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In an industry packed with different trends and constant advancements, keeping abreast with the professional race is tantamount to utilizing your educational attainment and working experience to the highest level. So, if you have decided to use your potential to its highest form, delving into the Six Sigma methodologies is a good start.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

With the extensive range of Lean Six Sigma Roles- White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt and Champion – choosing for the perfect certification could be tough. Among the different belt levels, researches show that the Green Belt Certification is considered as the most in-demand. It is because this credential validates a person’s Lean Six Sigma expertise even though it’s not as in-depth to other Six Sigma certifications. Still, professionals with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or LSSGB can start and administer Lean Six Sigma roles.


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Before you prepare for the certification, you must know every detail about the LSSGB.

LSSGB Provider

Yes, there are several accredited providers offering different Six Sigma certifications, but for this particular exam code, LSSGB, it is provided by the Council for Sigma Certification (CSSC).CSSC is an entity that offers accreditation program to keep up with the Six Sigma set of standards and key fundamentals. These programs contribute to the growth of professionals who are equipped with ideas and practices, by which businesses can take advantage of.

There are also other accredited providers like the highly popular ISASSC or the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. The entity is also considered a third-party certification member within the Lean Six Sigma industry that is dedicated to improving the Lean Six Sigma standards through different certifications. As an independent body, ISASSC does not offer training, mentoring, as well as consulting and coaching services. Instead, they facilitate delivering centralized testing within the Lean Six Sigma scope. Now, it’s time to get the journey started .

LSSGB Certification Requirements

To give you the chance to avail of the Six Sigma certifications, your knowledge and skills must be able to meet the prerequisites set by the board. Though there aren’t direct requirements, particularly the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam, it is ideal that you have at least three years of full-time and paid experience on the areas associated to the Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge and project application background.

This will ultimately prepare you, not just for the exam, but also for the world after the test. Remember, having a Six Sigma Green Belt certification defines your expertise as a professional who can carefully design and manage the process of an organization by identifying and eliminating errors efficiently and effectively.

LSSGB Certification Testing

For you to achieve the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you need to pass the exam consisting of 100 questions. A closed-book, proctored test, you will be given 3 hours to complete the exam, which features multiple-choice and true/ false test question type. For you to pass the exam, the result must be minimum about 28 out of 400 total potential points.

The Green Belt Exam voucher offered by CSSC ranges from $119 to $250. Some may consider the exam rate to be very pricey but the mastery and benefits you will gain from it are priceless. Not only that, if in case the first attempt isn’t a success, you are given three attempts at no additional rate. After the third attempt and still, you fail, you now need to pay the assessment fee again.

LSSGB Exam Preparation

Whether you are a professional seeking significant understanding about Six Sigma and Body of Knowledge or you are someone looking for ways to upgrade your Six Sigma belt level, exam preparation is always a must. Always take note that a certification does not end after passing the exam. Instead, it is the start of a new journey.

So, before you begin with your exam preparation, you should be more than a hundred percent ready to take this professional route. Physical, mental, emotional and financial preparedness is downright important. If you’re ready, then it’s time to get on with imperative study materials and Six Sigma training. Make sure to choose a competent training provider that will help you gain valuable knowledge and skills you can use during the exam and the real world. You can also study on your own through the self-study guide offered by CSSC. This study reference is free, plus very helpful. Your exam preparation must cover the Lean Six Sigma Belt fundamentals, as well as methodology. Don’t forget to read and understand Body of Knowledge so that you will be prepared in all aspects. Further, keep yourself updated virtually by joining different communities that will help you along your journey.

In addition, opt for the most actual exam dumps from website. These files offered in ETE format and opened in the ETE Testing Engine will help you check your knowledge and define the areas you need to focus on. The LSSGB files available at PrepAway are uploaded by the real exam takers, which prove that they are the most updated. If such files are contained in premium bundles, know, that they have been checked by the top IT experts. Thus, PrepAway practice tests will enhance your exam preparation. Moreover, check the tutorials section at PrepAway, as there you’ll find a fine collection of the video courses that will increase your chances of success.

LSSGB Career

After a successful exam, you now possess the reputable CSSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. And the great thing about this credential is that it does not have an expiration date! This means that you don’t need to renew every year, making you a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional for a lifetime. Just like your educational attainment, this certification is under your belt as long as you want it.

Gaining the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is something you wouldn’t regret taking. It is famed to be one of the most functional and highly-recommended credentials that improve your skills as well as improves the stability of your business through effective plans and management. Because of its importance to different industries across the world, the Six Sigma standards and applications are always on top. Employees with the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification are often considered as highly effective persons who know how to lead a team through various improvements. They can analyze and crack the problems involved with Six Sigma and create a solution.

So, if you want to be set apart from the pool of so-so candidates with almost the same qualifications, then getting the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is the answer. Truly, a Green Belt puts you in a better position that leads to significant exposure to the entire organization. What are you waiting for? Sign up to the LSSGB exam and start your preparation with PrepAway. Wish you success!

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