How to Sharpen Organising Skills by Playing Rummy?

Rummy is often referred to as a skills game because it is known to sharpen many skills in individuals and one such important skill is organising skill. The rummy game requires an organised mind. That is why practice of rummy often helps you be better at your organising skills. To appreciate the way rummy impacts these skills, one first needs to know what exactly do organising skills mean. Read along and you will surely get a fair idea:

How to Sharpen Organising Skills by Playing Rummy? - Entertainment

What Organising Means?


Some people are known to be more organised than the others because of certain habits they possess. This makes them organised while the others chaotic. Here are some of the common habits listed about organised people.

Keep Things in a Specific Place

Organised people know the significance of keeping things in the right place. That is why they have a proper plan as to what goes where. They form a habit of keeping everything in the right place. They give undue importance to arrangement and never take things casually. This inherent habit of theirs helps them in life as well as in games.

Being Able to Remember Things with Their Places

Since the organised individuals form a habit of keeping things in their right places, they tend to remember the right place for things sooner than others. This sharpening of memory helps them focus on other more important things in life as they don’t have to waste time remembering silly things.

How Rummy Teaches You Organising?

Now that you have understood what exactly organising means, we can try and find out how ultimate rummy teaches you organising skills. First have a glimpse through the different rules governing the rummy games. Here they are at a glance:

  • Every player needs to make a fixed number of sequences and sets
  • A hand is counted as a full hand till the life is formed and the definition of life varies based on the game variation being played
  • The points of the winner are counted as zero in all variations of rummy card games
  • Different sum of points is charged if the player quits at the beginning of the game or half way through the game

The Special Way to Arrange Cards in your Hand

A peculiar way of arranging cards in the hand is specialised by expert rummy players. This arrangement ensures that all cards to be disposed are set to one side of the hand while the all jokers and blank cards are set to the other side. In the middle, sequences and sets are arranged in order of their completion.

The Tricks to Arrange Sequences

There are many different types of sequences accepted in rummy. A pure sequence is a must to complete life in any form of rummy games. A pure sequence is completed without the use of jokers and so it is referred to as pure. The pure sequence may be made using number cards, picture cards or a combination of both. The cards of the same sign are arranged in ascending or descending order of their values to form pure sequences. In your hand, apart from the completed sequences, you can also arrange incomplete sequences that require just a card or two to be complete.

Ways It Makes You Smarter in Card Game

Arranging the cards in a proper order helps you understand what cards to expect each time it is your turn. You save a lot of time that you spend looking around for the card to pick or the best card to dispose. This not just makes you fast in your game but also helps you focus on planning future moves and strategies.

So, why not start playing rummy regularly so that your organising skills are sharpened. Here is the simplest way to go about it:

  • Pick your favourite rummy gaming app such as Khelplay Rummy
  • Check out the different variations and pick the most loved variations for practice
  • Use practice chips to play rummy free on whichever device you enjoy as Khelplay Rummy has a responsive design that is equally compatible with all gadgets
  • See how the game is helping you and changing your habits related to arrangement
  • Suggest the same app to friends and gain some bonus points and more online friends to play with

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