Prepaway – Why You Should Get Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certified

If you want to have a successful career in networking, then the best way to kick-start it is to earn the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification (CCNA R&S) by Cisco. Well, this is the first and foremost reason but you will learn more as you keep scrolling this article.
When it comes to routing and switching, no company can beat Cisco – a leading IT vendor. Besides, Cisco has provided many certified professionals who have ventured in the networking career.

If you are still hesitating to get the, then here, are enough reasons to compel you to do it now.


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1. The Certification Comes from a Networking Leader

Well, perhaps you are not aware but Cisco is the leader when it comes to routing and switching technologies. In fact, as you read this article Cisco remains the worldwide provider of networking equipment and technologies.

The company takes a large market share in the networking industry. Today, if you buy networking products and equipment, then chances are that they come from Cisco. That means that if you plan to work with Cisco products and equipment, you need to be Cisco certified. After that, you will become a hot cake in the networking market. Most IT companies that deals with the networking field are looking for Cisco certified professionals so, why are you denying yourself of such opportunity.

2. You Create a Great Foundation for Your Networking Career

A career in networking isn’t complete without a certification. Since the introduction of the CCNA Program to the world, the demand for Cisco certified professionals has continued to grow and companies around the globe are looking for skillful network engineers. It has become important than ever for IT professionals to learn how both network infrastructure and protocols work together. The need is continuing to increase and there are no signs of stopping.

When you earn the Prepaway , you demonstrate knowledge and skills in networking that cannot fade away even when technologies continue to advance. A candidate who has gained the CCNA R&S credential is capable of installing, monitoring, and troubleshooting the products of the network infrastructure that are essential to the whole process when it comes to the Internet of Things.

3. You Get Exposed to a Range of Career Prospects

Once you become the CCNA R&S certified, you give your IT career limitless prospects. For Instance, you can advance your knowledge to obtain the certifications of the higher levels, such as the CCNP R&S and CCIE R&S. Moreover, you can use your skills on technologies like Data Center, Security, Cloud computing, Network Programmability, and more. All these specialties are still growing and are taking IT to greater levels. In short, with the certification by Cisco you will have more careers to choose from than you can imagine.

4. You Evolve with the Digital Era

As the network infrastructure continues to undergo constant modification, you also need to be at par with it and possess top-notch skills, in order to carry out your job with high quality. Businesses have been influenced by digitization as well, it means that the processes, that were executed manually are currently being automated. As a professional in IT networking, you also need to possess skills that are up-to-date and relevant to the requirements of the rapidly developing world of IT. With the DNA that was launched by Cisco, you can get such skills and you need to start from obtaining the CCNA R&S certification.

5. It’s a Proof to Your Employer that You Want to Prosper in Your IT Career

When you earn the CCNA R&S certification you are showing your employer that you want to take your career to greater heights. This is something that even the managers know. Given that Cisco’s credibility is known all over the world, getting certified speaks volumes in terms of your career in IT.

It’s known that with the CCNA R&S credential you have more chances to get the job, as you’ll stand out from the crowd. Employers know that being certified by the leading IT vendor, you are more knowledgeable technically, have hands-on experience and ready to earn more money than the candidates that are not certified. It means, that the CCNA R&S credential is currently used as a criterion for recruiting candidates.

6. Boost Your Paycheck

Everyone is struggling to find greener pasture in the job market today. When you get the certification, you can increase your paycheck.
Undoubtedly, the paycheck for IT networking jobs is huge and this is due to the shortage of talent around the world.

Did you know that the Cisco certified and switching professionals earn a salary of around $91K per year?
In fact, when you have Cisco network administration skills, you can increase your salary by 20% and some organizations reward Cisco certified employees with huger perks.

7. You Learn from the Professionals

It’s not a question that more people are getting Cisco certified. And since the CCNA R&S certification is one of the most sought-after, Cisco offers candidates to join the Cisco Learning Network community. It allows them to prepare well for the CCNA R&S certification exams (either 100-105 and 200-105 or 200-125). The community comprises of millions of professionals around the world offering support that you can take advantage of when learning, studying, or looking to boost your career in IT. So, joining this Cisco community gives you access to a number of webinars, discussions, study groups, and a lot of useful information about the CCNA R&S exams.

8. Choose from a Range of Training Options

Certification gives you limitless training options. This way, earning your CCNA R&S credential becomes easier. You can join a one-on-one training session with an instructor, enroll for a virtual classroom, or practical labs for the 100-105 and 200-105 modules of the CCNA R&S certification.

So, we hope that this article dispels your doubts, whether to get the CCNA R&S certification or not. If you have set the goal to build a successful career in networking, then the Cisco CCNA R&S credential is right for you. Join the Cisco community and train hard! Wish you luck!

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